Fotz Zoos Victoria include Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range Zoo.Although there is no formal volunteer system within these zoos, the Friends of the Zoos (FOTZ) operate a volunteer system and the following information is taken from their website.

Where are they?Edit

These zoos are located in and around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Friends of the ZoosEdit

As part of our ongoing support for Zoos Victoria, FOTZ provides value in kind everyday through the provision of its volunteers at all 3 zoos.

There are two groups of volunteers:

Voluntary WorkersEdit

Voluntary Workers provide assistance in:

  • School holiday programs
  • Mail outs and document collation for FOTZ and zoo education services
  • Catering for various FOTZ events
  • Animal watches (non-animal contact)
  • Cork collection and sorting & Zoo Twilights hamper minding (Melbourne only)
  • Landscape tasks for the Horticulture Department (Healesville only)

These tasks require no specific training and volunteers are engaged as required.

With appropriate training, volunteers also assist in:

  • Staffing information booths (Information Officers)
  • Animal enrichment programs (Melbourne - orang-utan exhibit)
  • Providing general information to the public

(please note there is no animal contact in any volunteer role with FOTZ and volunteering with FOTZ is not an avenue for employment within the Zoos)

Volunteer Zoo GuidesEdit

After extensive training and upon graduation, Guides are qualified to:

  • Provide educational and conservation information to the public at exhibits and other interactive displays
  • Generally liaise with visitors to provide information and assistance as required
  • Interpret for visitors at the Animal Wildlife Health Centre (AWHC), and assist with the promotion of Healesville Sanctuary off-site (Healesville only)
  • Conduct guided tours of the zoos on foot or by guidemobile (requires specific training)

How can I become a volunteer?Edit

FOTZ conducts intakes for guides and voluntary workers once a year. If you are interested in becoming a guide or voluntary Worker, please complete and send an expression of interest form to the FOTZ Office. Once we receive your form, we will send an acknowledgement to you.

You will then be placed on a waiting list and closer to the intake date, you will be invited to attend an information session where you will learn more about these roles and be offered the opportunity to book an interview to proceed with your application.

It is a pre-requisite that all volunteer must be a financial member of Zoos Victoria Friends of the Zoos membership at all times.

FOTZ Volunteers must be a minimum of 16 years of age, and FOTZ Guides must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Why become a volunteer?Edit

As a FOTZ volunteer you will:

  • enjoy being an integral part of the 3 zoos happenings;
  • receive a fabulous FOTZ uniform to wear with pride;*
  • be eligible for the FOTZ discount at zoo retail stores when wearing your uniform;
  • receive a discount on your Zoos Victoria Friends of the Zoos membership.*
  • Once a minimum service requirement has been fulfilled.

Please click here to download Volunteer Expression of Interest Form

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