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Wolf Echo Valleys A Wolf Adventure, a Wild Encounter is a  licensed educational outreach facility, and eco conservation center. Located within a beautiful pristine Provincial forest system in Saskatchewan, AWA-AWE is home not only to an amazing diverse eco system, but some bottle raised permanent captive wolf ambassadors. AWA-AWE is committed to offering visitors a unique experience with wildlife and the natural environment.   AWA's Adopted Mantra: Foster Respect Inspire Exploration Promote Responsible Stewardship Nurture Empathy Motivate ConservationEncourage CreativityEmbrace Wonder Empower AwarenessEnvision EnlightenEnrichInnovateExperience A Wild Connection Impart A Wild Insight and Wisdom  A Wolf Adventure's Mission:  1) Commitment: AWA fosters, nurtures, inspires, and promotes a healthy respect of wildlife and surrounding habitat. We believe the only true way to attain an understanding of the importance of conservation, is through education.   2)  Youth/Community: AWA-AWE targets the youth, as we have found that children learn to understand themselves more, and gain important tools in life dealings when they learn about their natural environment and residents in a close and personal manner. Animals and nature truly are healing agents all on their own.  We honestly believe that when we focus on fostering healthy youth, we  in essence also help create and foster healthy environments.  3) Protection: Wolves remain one of the most highly misunderstood creatures, and the myths abound of just what this feared predator is truly all about.  Ask two different people and you usually get two different answers. Through interaction with our captive wild yet socialized ambassadors, they give the public an opportunity to see up close and in person what a wolf is, and what they are not.  It is our hopes here at WolfEcho Valley that what people understand, they help to protect. AWA-AWE keeps up to date on the worldly protection of wolves, and supports programs that help to protect the wild lands in which such animals reside. 4) Education: Though it is A Wolf Adventure's firm belief and stance that wild should remain as such, we have also come to recognize the dire need for education, thus through our captive wolves we not only can help to foster and secure future wild wolf populations, but their natural habitat.  Without an appreciation and abundance of natural habitat there will be no wild animals left to educate about.BUT it is more than just being able to see a wolf in captivity, that helps people to get involved with saving them. I don't think people connect with any wild animal, and wish to help protect them in the their natural habitat, unless they also make an emotional connection to the natural wild lands, in which those wild animals reside.  
This is where truly WolfEcho Valley is unique as they help visitors to also *make that connection* and walk away with more than simply seeing a wolf in a cage, which does nothing ultimately to foster a true wild wisdom. Visitors are able to interact on a more intimate level with AWA's ambassador wolves in their natural habitat, through personal observation and educational programs. 5) Conservation: Promoting an appreciation of everything wild. AWA's pristine lands are kept in their natural wild state. This helps foster an appreciation of everything wild, not just wolves. You will not find manipulated nor artificial environments for our captive wild residents. 6) Ecological Footprint: A Wolf Adventure, is also a TRUE Conservation minded facility as our own lifestyles reflect truly caring for the natural environment. Our sponsorship certificates are  printed up on recycled paper, the cabin is heated using a grain stove, and vehicles run on bio-diesel, we use our own shopping bags (no plastic bags used here) These are but a few examples, (and we are consistently evolving  ecologically at the Ranch, in an environmentally friendly manner.) We simply don't just talk about conservation, we put into practice our own advice, and leading through example. 7) Wild life rehabilitation: AWA-AWE supports, and implements wildlife rehabilitation practices at it's facility, as well as getting entire communities involved in playing their own part. Community involvement is acomplished via educational programs on how to become involved in keeping wild...wild! ======

For anyone willing to offer a week-end, they can camp here at AWA-AWE.Edit

Volunteer Help*Building habitats
  • Building gym sets
  • building pools
  • sign building
  • gate building
  • grass mowing
  • trail building
  • feeding animals
  • watering
  • planting trees
  • painting/staining wood structures built
  • cave building
  • weeding
  • landscaping
  • cleaning habitats
  • and other misc. jobs
  • helping do educational talks in a classroom setting (this will be reserved only for someone local to the area) and can get out during school hours to help in such a fashion will be dependant on the ambassador animal having a good rapore with this kind of volunteer. Person must be well versed on wolf ethology and be good in crowds.

If you do volunteer PLEASE be prepared to actually work and help the animals. Being able to interact with the wolves is a perk of course, and your love of the animals will be drawing you to us, but it should not be the only reason you are out here. Volunteering: What You Need To Know

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must sign a waiver/release of liability upon arrival. AWA nor it's human residents will be held responsible for any injuries occurred either through the centers animals, or on the property itself.
  • All volunteers must sign a liability form and fill out an application
  • we are a non smoking facility. If you do smoke we will appoint a designated area for you to safely do so
  • Food and beverage (other than water) is not supplied, please bring your own cooler/back pack to provide for yourself and your own needs. Thank you
  • Volunteers whom wish to interact with our wolf residents must be healthy and strong. Wolves are very large and powerful canines, the person cannot be too weak in mind or body.
  • Absolutely no volunteer is allowed within any wolf habitat without the permission/approval of the Director/Owner Skylar
  • Disrespect of the human residents or animal residents will not be tolerated and is just cause for removal from property.

We have various odd jobs open for volunteer positions, as we build up and grow this will change. See above for what we currently require from volunteers. Want TRUE In the field experience working on behalf of *wild* animals from wolves to whales then go here and become an eco volunteerEcoVolunteer

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