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Jasmin Packer from the University of Adelaide is researching the impact of blackberry on habitat for the endangered Southern Brown Bandicoot.
She is seeking volunteers to assist with bandicoot surveys in the Adelaide Hills during August.
Each survey includes setting up sites, 5 nights live trapping of bandicoots, animal handling, invertebrate and vegetation surveys, then packing and cleaning traps.
Experience is not essential, although a positive attitude and good level of fitness is!
Limited places are available, and priority is given to people with experience in fauna surveys.


Adelaide Hills, South Australia


We work in partnership with Conservation Ark, Zoos SA ie. the wildlife veterinary section of Zoos SA. We are doing health condition assessments, inc. haematology & biochem, as part of the broader research on habitat quality of invasive blackberry for the Southern brown bandicoot.

Our next round of surveys will be starting 4 January for a month. Our teams are almost full, so at this stage we would only take an extra person if they were available for the entire month, and had field experience with fauna surveys.


For more information email Jasmin:
Click here to download a flyer about the research project.
Click here to download information for potential volunteers.
The Adelaide Hills are gorgeous in spring AND it's peak breeding season, so likely to be another fab field season with plenty of bandicoot joeys to keep us busy.

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