Please see the email below from Dr Clive McMahon (School for Environmental Research, Charles Darwin University) for details regarding a fantastic opportunity for a volunteer veterinarian to assist with field studies in Antarctica in 2011.

Please feel free to send Clive an email, for further information. Email:

“Iain Field & Mark Hindell will be doing some work down in Antarctica from January 2011 to early April and as part of our team we are looking to take on a veterinarian as a volunteer. The project will involve capturing and anaesthetising seals to which we will then attach sophisticated tracking units. We will work out of Davis station in Antarctica and will travel to and from the station by ship, so if you know anyone who may be interested, please let them know and ask them to send us a recent CV and some background on their field experience, work with large animals and ability to live and work in an isolated, harsh environment. We appreciate that there is a financial cost associated with this, in that the vet will need to take leave given the fact that the position is voluntary – but we can offer a great adventure learning to capture and anaesthetise seals, and cover the volunteer's travel costs to and from Hobart, all board and lodgings in Hobart and Antarctica, and also supply all the field and cold weather clothing required. We look forward to hearing from any interested vets, Kindest regards, Clive on behalf of Iain and Mark

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