Roger Williams Park Zoo is in Providence, Rhode Island. The following is copied directly from their website:


Roger Williams Park Zoo has a variety of internship programs. We are always accepting internship applications. Applications can be mailed or faxed, and that information is located on the application. If you have any questions, please contact the Manager of Volunteer Resources at or (401) 785-3510 ext 356.

Internships are unpaid and housing is not provided. All interns are required to submit to a background check and to conform to a professional manner and appropriate dress code.

There are several types of internships available:

Zoo-Wide Internship

Education Internship

Veterinary Externship

ZOO-WIDE INTERNSHIP This program is designed for people who are considering a career in the zoo field. The curriculum provides an introduction to the daily functioning of a zoo and exposure to different zoo vocations. This un-paid internship is available in the Fall, Spring and Summer.

Application deadlines are as follows: Applications for Fall semester: due June 1
Applications for Spring semester: due November 1
Applications for Summer: due April 1

Those applying for the ZooWide Internship must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Submit a complete application and essay.
  • Be tested for TB, offering proof of a negative result.
  • Be able to work 32 hours a week for 13 weeks (8 weeks in Summer).
  • Be willing to work hard under difficult conditions.
  • Submit to a background check
  • Conform to the dress code of Roger Williams Park Zoo.
  • Keep a work journal.
  • Attend intern orientation and debriefing.
  • If receiving credit from a university, provide written approval from advisor for project proposal and final paper.

The program offers hands-on work in the following areas: Tropics, North America, Africa, Education, Australia/Asia, Horticulture, Commissary. Note: Activities will include visual inspection of animals, walking up and down stairs, lifting heavy objects, and cleaning/disinfecting of areas and food preparation for the animals. Interns will be working around wild animals, it is imperative that keepers' instructions are followed very closely. Contact the Manager of Volunteer Resources, or Phone (401) 785-3510 ext 356 with any questions.

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EDUCATION INTERNSHIP This program offers a view into the education of all ages on topics from animals to conservation. The Curator of Education conducts phone interviews with potential candidates. This in an unpaid internship. Spring, Summer, Fall internships are available; dates are flexible. Max 2 per semester. Contact the Manager of Volunteer Resources, or Phone (401) 785-3510 ext 356. This opportunity is currently full for summer.

VETERINARY EXTERNSHIP: Veterinary externships are only available for students enrolled in veterinary or veterinary technician school. The externship is intended to fulfill clinical rotation requirements per the individual’s school curriculum, commonly the year preceding graduation. Inquiries should be directed to the Veterinary Department through

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