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PINP Wildlife Hospital Annual Report 2008-09 [PDF 682 KB]

Approach to wildlife rehabilitation:Edit

We have an ethical obligation to assist injured, sick or orphaned native wildlife found in pain or distress, particularly if it is the result of human interference (e.g. road trauma, pet or feral animal predation, oil spills, boat trauma).

Wildlife rehabilitation is defined as caring for injured, sick or orphaned native animals. It includes providing access to veterinary assessment and treatment where required, then nursing care and support, with the goal of restoring them to their natural condition and releasing them into their natural habitat. Wildlife is defined as any animal of a vertebrate species, other than humans or fish, which is indigenous the region. The PINP wildlife hospital accepts any wildlife from Phillip Island but also treats Little Penguins and seabirds from all over eastern Australia.

Each year the PINP Wildlife Hospital treats about 150 Little Penguins and 300-400 other animals, including Short-tailed Shearwaters, Southern Giant Petrels, Possums and Koalas. We provide advice to other wildlife shelters across Australia relating to Little Penguin and seabird rehabilitation, and run training courses. Our purpose built hospital is also maintained for use in emergencies, such as oil spills, when large numbers of Little Penguins may be admitted. To date, the largest number of oiled birds treated was over 430 in 2001/02. Over ninety five percent of these birds were returned to the ocean thanks to the professionalism and experience of staff and volunteers.

A volunteer Rescue / Transporter network of local residents has been established to assist with the collection and transport of sick and injured animals found on Phillip Island either to the vet or the Wildlife Hospital.

If you live on Phillip Island and would like to be a Rescue / Transporter Volunteer please contact us.

We are currently upgrading our Wildlife Hospital. Plans are almost complete and we are seeking funding to assist with construction. Donations to support the building of the new hospital or care of sick and injured animals can be made through the Penguin Foundation

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