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Volunteer in the Cerrado/Atlantic Forest ParaguayEdit

Reference Volunteership (
Sectors Conservation / Biodiversity / Ecosystems

Fauna & Wildlife Ornithology (Birds)

Location Paraguay
Town/City Santa Rosa
Salary Unpaid
Job Type Temporary / Contract / Seasonal
Job Status Full Time
Job Level No Experience


Contact Name Karina Atkinson
Company Name

Para La TierraEdit

Telephone +595 985 260 074


Further Details / Applications
Job Description Volunteer in the Paraguayan cerrado with Para La Tierra!

Paraguay remains one of the least visited countries in South America yet is also amongst the most friendly, safe and traditional. Paraguay is perfect for an adventurer ready to explore a different world off the beaten track.Para La Tierra operates from Laguna Blanca, a beautiful location in the east of Paraguay, boasting a clear freshwater lake ready for swimming in, and a sandy beach for you to relax on at the end of the day. Laguna Blanca lies on the frontier of the Paraguayan Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest, two of the most interesting and important habitats in the world. The Cerrado was named a biodiversity hotspot by Conservation International while the Atlantic Forest is one of the five most rapidly disappearing habitat types on Earth. You will be able to explore both of these areas and see some of the biodiversity that Paraguay has to offer such as the maned-wolf, jaguar, capuchin monkey, brock deer, burrowing owl and armadillo. Perhaps the most important species of all is the White-winged Nightjar which is found to breed near Laguna Blanca and in two other locations in the world. It is of critical importance that we study this bird's life cycle, habitat and behaviour in order to ensure its survival.

Para La Tierra research and conservation volunteers will be involved in every aspect of the study of the biology, population dynamics and distribution of the species found at Laguna Blanca. As a volunteer, you can choose to join in one of the existing projects onsite, or to design and carry out your own project with the help of the scientific team who will assist you to make sure your results are both useful and productive. Of course volunteers are able to switch between projects, just because you signed up as a bird volunteer doesn´t mean that you can´t also do some work with mammals or reptiles if the fancy takes you!

We encourage Para La Tierra volunteers to publish the results of their work and offer all the assistance necessary to those that wish to do so. For many volunteers the opportunity to see their name in print is something that is extremely appealing. You will be credited in any publication that uses data which you helped to gather. If you decide to design your own project, you will be expected to meet with a member of staff at least once a week to discuss your progress and will be expected to produce a brief report of your findings at the end of your stay along with a presentation for the other volunteers and interns.

We think that ALL field observations are important and accurate note-taking is part of the daily routine of all volunteers. You will learn valuable field techniques as well as project development and report writing skills. Daily observations and records will be logged into the Laguna Blanca biodiversity database and we need your help to find out more about this disappearing habitat. Volunteers with a knack for photography are always welcome, we are always looking to boost the photographic database of the reserves flora and fauna. In the interests of making data accessible and open to all we collaborate with online database projects such as the FAUNA image gallery.

Some projects are ongoing throughout the year, other projects - for example work with frogs and snakes - are more seasonal. If you have a specific project in mind that you would like to work on, check with us that it isn´t seasonal before confirming your dates.

So if you're motivated to do something 'Para La Tierra' and make a real contribution to conservation in a little-known corner of South America, then get in touch with Karina at No experience necessary, just a willingness to get your hands dirty!

Up for it!?

Costs -

$850/month for the 1st 2 months, $750 for each subsequent month. You can also pay on a weekly basis pro rata. There is a 25% discount for South American nationals.

This price includes all of your living costs during you stay with us. The meeting point is in Santa Rosa which is the nearest town to the reserve. The price does not include flights to Paraguay, travel to Santa Rosa, travel insurance or alcoholic drinks. It does include 3 meals a day with unlimited fruit juice and mineral water, accommodation, administrative costs and a small contribution to Para La Tierra's projects.

If you want to know more about the sort of projects you can get involved with, please see our website at

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