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Para La Tierra is a pioneering, not-for-profit conservation project and biological research station at Reserva Laguna Blanca. Assisted by a constant stream of international ecologically-minded volunteers, we carry our biodiversity studies to investigate the wildlife of this special area and communicate our findings locally and globally.

Our primary aim is to highlight the ecological value of Laguna Blanca and to encourage efforts towards wider participation in its conservation.

Laguna Blanca is home to the white-winged nightjar, a critically endangered species of nocturnal bird. This bird, it's habitat and much of the other wildlife will disappear if no efforts are made to conserve them.

Volunteer at laguna Blanca, or join us as an intern and help us make a difference to this ecologically important area.


You don´t need to have any scientific background to be a Para La Tierra volunteer, just enthusiasm, a sense of adventure and willingness to get your hands dirty!

There are three different ways to study at Para La Tierra; volunteer, join us as an intern or come as a researcher.


Volunteerships are for everyone. With or without experience, volunteering at Para La Tierra is a very rewarding way to get involved in wildlife study and conservation. You are free to contribute as much or as little as you like and join in with existing projects or create your own under the guidance of the scientific team. You can also make time to relax and enjoy the surroundings and no-one will tell you what to do!

Of course, any professional skills or experience that you may have will come in useful and we're always willing to talk through ways in which we can make the most of your special abilities or ideas.

Volunteers can switch between projects, just because you signed up as a bird volunteer doesn´t mean you can´t also do some work with mammals or reptiles if the fancy takes you!


Internships are aimed at students, recent graduates and young scientists looking for some fieldwork experience. Come and develop your existing skills in project design and implementation, report writing, giving presentations and, of course, carrying out fieldwork techniques while learning about the ecology of the Cerrado and Atlantic Forest. Our scientific team are there to give you full support should you need it and feel free to enlist some volunteers to help you!


Researchers are also welcome to use the facilities at Para La Tierra as a base to carry out their fieldwork. If you are a professional scientist or masters/doctoral student you may be eligible for a reduced price stay. All you will need to worry about are your results!

>> Download more information about volunteering, internships and research opportunities (PDF 103kb)

>> Download information about key projects at Laguna Blanca (PDF, 95Kb)

Volunteers with a knack for photography are always welcome. We're always looking to boost the photographic database of the local fauna, flora and fungi. In the interests of making data accessible and open to all, we collaborate with online database projects such as the Fauna Paraguay image gallery.

Permanent, English speaking, staff members are available at all times for help and advice with scientific work and other issues.

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