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Imagine yourself in the wilderness of Africa. Your senses are overloaded with different sights and smells. You wake up to the sound of beautiful birds making interesting sounds. With every turn of the head, there is something new and exciting. After breakfast with new friends, you venture out into the bush to interact with African wildlife that many people often dream of.

Nyati Conservation Corps is the opportunity for an outdoor enthusiast to learn about conservation of our natural resources through education and practical experience. Nyati provides first hand knowledge about conservation, ecology, and the real-world experience in wildlife management on an Africa game reserve. Local community involvement in areas around the reserves and participating in various conservation efforts are added benefits. The opportunity can be yours if you choose to participate in the program.

Nyati encourages self-confidence, self-discipline, responsibility, unity and diversity.

Discover the true soul of Africa and get in touch with nature. From coastline to inland savannah, the wide range of reserves presents the volunteer with a fascinating glimpse into the unique African fauna & flora. The reserves offer many activities including hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, game viewing and even fly-fishing…all within an incredibly spectacular and inspiring natural environment.

Experience first hand
what it is all about
being up close and personal with Wildlife in Africa

Program DescriptionEdit

The participants in this program live on a private game reserve located in South Africa’s various biomes experiencing first hand, African wildlife management. Many of these destinations serve as private hunting reserves. Activities on the reserves include hiking, 4x4 trails, rifle hunting, bow hunting, horseback riding, game drives, bird-watching, photography and many more.

These reserves are home to some of the largest Kudu, as well as Impala, Zebra, Bush Pig, Blesbuck, Warthog, Bushbuck, Duiker, Oryx, Red Hartebeest, Springbok, Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Nyala, Steenbok, Dik-Dik, Giraffe, Jackal, Baboon and various nocturnal animals. There is a good chance you might even spot the elusive Leopard or another type of cat.

It is difficult to describe a “typical day” as there is such a wide range of activities. Activities from day-to-day vary from game drives, nature walks, working with reserve visitors and hunting, to nightly game counts. The activities can be physical at times, so it is important for the volunteer to be physically fit. Activities requiring physical endurance and strength may include: counting large herbivores on foot, fixing holes in fences, chopping out alien trees or soil erosion control. Less physical involvement may include: collecting flowering plants for the species list, calculating wildlife stocking densities or monitoring habitat conditions by means of a grass survey. These activities, and more, are the heart of the hands-on experience that makes Nyati Conservation Corps unique.

Please contact us to inquire about the Nyati Conservation Corps program.


Because of the success of our Summer 2010 program, NyatiCC has decided to make this program available year round. Volunteer positions are dependent on the number of game reserves and scholarships available. Considering this and the high amount of interest in this program, we recommend that you apply as early as possible.

Applicants will be screened and selected based on GPA, community involvement, motivation, and interview . Once an applicant is chosen, his/her information will be used to “match” the volunteer with a game reserve. Nyati has a process in place that ensures every volunteer is matched with the most appropriate reserve. Nyati reserves the right to alter the program at anytime necessary for the good of everyone involved.

The volunteer will be responsible for raising a portion of the funds necessary for the program's operation. Because of generous support from various donors, the amount of money the volunteer is responsible for has been kept to a minimum. Please contact us about price and scholarships available.


  • Accommodation for the duration of the program
  • Airport transfers
  • All meals
  • In country support during your stay


  • Air travel to and from Southern Africa
  • Visa costs
  • Insurance
  • Optional activities

Enrollement is open year round

Please make sure that you mention your desired departure/arrival dates and/or amount of time you would like to stay in Africa in your application.

    • Students who choose to leave the program without completing or are asked to leave due to disciplinary procedure will forfeit the funds raised by him or her.


Contact UsEdit

Nyati Conservation Corps
101 Saint Croix Lane
Bullard, Texas

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