Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society in Courtenay, British Columbia, accepts volunteers and formal internships. The following was copied from their website:


Baby Bird Season (BBS) in spring, summer and early fall bring us the greatest number of patients. To insure that the animals get all the care necessary to bring them back to health, we will be offering internships to interested and motivated individuals. Veterinary supervision and protocols of care are observed.

The work at the wildlife centre can be very demanding. Typically in the summer we work from 8am until 10 pm, with occasional 4am feedings. An intern can expect to be involved in all aspects of the rehabilitation process. Most of the work for everyone is diet preparation and cleaning, but you will also be expected to take part in occasional rescues and releases, administer treatments, participate in building projects and grounds maintenance and some educational displays within the community. The schedule at the centre can be intense, but you will also be given time to enjoy the beautiful scenery this island has to offer.

Internships typically last six to eight weeks, depending on scheduling. The wildlife centre offers very basic housing and occasionally some meals, but for the most part you will be responsible for keeping yourself fed.

The wildlife centre is staffed by a dedicated rehabilitator and many volunteers. As an intern you will become part of a team of like minded people and will be treated with respect and friendship.

Previous wildlife experience is not a prerequisite. Come here with the right attitude, prepared to give 100% to our wild patients and a wildlife internship will be an extraordinary experience. Applications will not be accepted via e-mail.

Applications should be received by MARCH 15th. We hope to respond by about April 1st.

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Mars provides many opportunities to volunteers to learn by doing. Hands on care of wildlife, rescue, treatment, feeding and of course , cleaning is always part of animal care.

Event planning, fundraising, office administration, board of directors and committee work always look great on resumes and give a great chance to connect with others in the community.

Writing grant proposals, articles for newsletters, provide one with a literary bent to utilize and hone their skills.

Maintenance on equipment, gardening and landscaping, repair of existing buildings and new project construction and management are all areas where varying levels of experience are needed.

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