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Melbourne Water, in partnership with Waterwatch Melbourne, invites you to be involved in a community-based frog monitoring program within greater Melbourne. The census aims to indicate waterway health, raise awareness about wildlife, and encourage people to get to know their local waterways. Join the Frog Census

Join the band of volunteers recording frog calls at rivers and creeks within greater Melbourne.

Ever wondered what frogs live in your local creek?Edit

Sign up to record the frog calls in your local area and find out if it’s a Growling Grass Frog or the Eastern Common Froglet, or one of the many other frogs found in Victoria croaking away in your neighbourhood.

Spring is approaching, and this is one of the best times of the year to record croaks and ribbits at waterways. All you need to volunteer is a recording device and a notebook.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know all the different species of frogs to volunteer; just record the ribbits and croaks and we get our experts to analyse the recordings to identify the frogs. They then plot the locations of all the different species recorded on a map of the greater Melbourne region.

The data is also submitted to the Department of Sustainability and Environment’s Victorian Wildlife Atlas - the official state registry for flora and fauna, which is used to make decisions about the status of species including threatened species nominations.

Health check for our frogs in bushfire-affected areasEdit

After such a harsh summer, we are very interested in checking the health of our frog populations. Please join in the effort with your friends and family and record the frog calls that you can hear. Return to sites you have recorded before, or places that were dry or fire affected over summer, giving us important data on our froggie friends.

Check out the Frog Census results from previous years.

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