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Indianapolis Zoo is in Indianapolis, Indiana. The following is copied directly from their website:

College Intern Program

The Intern Program offers individuals a truly unique opportunity to college/university students and recent graduates to become actively involved in the conservation, education, and research efforts of the Zoo. Interns will be able to enhance their knowledge and experience necessary for today's job market in the many fields making up Zoo & Aquarium Sciences, Non-profit Management, Communications, Marketing, Education, Horticultural Sciences, and more! Internships can be the essential key to gaining employment in Zoos and Aquariums when coupled with a related Bachelor's degree. Internships are currently available to college students studying within the United States only.

Many positions are offered year round and can take place in one of three sessions: Winter/Spring (January-April), Summer (May-August), and Fall (September-December). Typically, Interns work 20-40 hours per week for a minimum of 12 weeks in length, depending on the position. However, these 12 weeks must be consecutive in length. Intern positions are experience based and are therefore unpaid. Housing and transportation are the responsibility of the Intern.

Many departments offer internships in a variety of positions. For position listings, descriptions, requirements, and time commitments, click the appropriate area below.

Animal Care

Animal Nutrition

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Conservation Education

Event Interns


Human Resources

Institutional Advancement

Occupational Safety and Health

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