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Volunteers for Kangaroo surveys, Cape York, QLD, AustraliaEdit


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Cape York, QLD

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Donna Harrs

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Global Ecology Group - The University of AdelaideEdit


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Volunteers for Kangaroo surveys, Cape York, QLD, Australia

You will be helping with a collaborative ARC project between the University of Adelaide and James Cook University to investigate range limiting factors, range dynamics and demographics of spatially structured populations under global change.

The focus is primarily on the antilopine wallaroo (Macropus antilopinus), sampling sites across the species range, to gather data on relative abundance and wellbeing (fecundity, age-based mortality, male body condition). Information on other macropod species (eastern grey kangaroo, common wallaroo and red kangaroo) will also be collected. We use non-invasive, observational methods from a vehicle, along 5km transects. You will also help with habitat surveys, scat sample collection and monitoring of track pads for dingo activity.

This is a unique opportunity to gain experience of ecological survey techniques in a beautiful, very remote part of Australia (Cape York and the Einasleigh Uplands bioregions of Queensland). This will be a real adventure, however, you will be required to work long days in very hot, humid conditions and living conditions will be very basic (camping). There will be a lot of travel as we plan to survey the whole Queensland range of M. antilopinus and will move sites every two days.

Food, travel and accommodation (camping permits covered, camping gear provided) will be provided.

Duration: Mid May – mid September 2011

Interested? Please email me a cv, two references and a cover letter explaining why you wish to volunteer.

Contact: Dr Donna Harris

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