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Friendicoes SECA (Society for the Eradication of Cruelty to Animals) is a registered non-profit charity (Registration no. 10188 under the Societies Registration Act 1860). We are an Associate Society of RSPCA, UK and a Member Society of World Society for Protection of Animals, UK. We are recognized and affiliated to the Animal Welfare Board of India, Chennai, India which is our national apex body. We are now almost 28 years old (date of registration: 23 April, 1979) and have been working in the city of Delhi and its environs since then. We have a sanctuary for animals in Gurgaon, 45 Kms. away from Delhi, where we provide a home to all the rescued dogs, cats and other animals that cannot be released back.

We used to run a collaborative programme for equines (providing free medical treatment for the animal and running education projects for the owners so that they can look after their animal better) with Brooke Hospital for Animals, UK from 1999 to March 2006 untill their field of operations geographically moved away from our area of work, and we had to go our own separate ways. Friendicoes concentrates on the belt between Delhi and Agra and in and around the state of Haryana where working equines abound.


1. Visit the shelter (in Delhi ) and sanctuary (in Gurgaon) and spend time with the animals.

2. Walk the dogs, play with the puppies, clean their cages, de tick them, clean them up and give them a bath, feed the puppies (you can get treats for them from home), help answer the phone in office (in case you are a regular volunteer) and help with their feedings.


1. Collect old newspapers (we require 30kgs a day), old clothes, milk tins for the puppies, biscuits or any other treats from people you may know (friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues) and who may wish to donate these stuff. You can drop them off at the Delhi shelter cum office once or twice a month and spend some time with the animals.

2. You can also help get fans and coolers donated during summers and heaters, old carpets, blankets and gunny bags during winters. All it needs is a word of mouth to be passed around your friends, colleagues and family circle.

3. Volunteers can help foster (take home and look after) puppies and kittens and find good homes for them.

4. They can also help man Friendicoes tables and stalls at fund raising and awareness events.

5. Writing articles for websites and helping with photography is another way to help.

6. Collecting stuff for the Friendicoes Yard Sales which are held every 3-4 months. The proceeds from the sales goes to help animals in need.

7. Also volunteering to attend to rescue calls on behalf of Friendicoes for puppies and kittens and birds in your area and dropping them off at Friendicoes is one way to take the pressure off Friendicoes and also help animals.

8. You can also be active in your locality and assist Friendicoes in getting all stray dogs in your area sterilized and create awareness among your neighbors and friends.

9. Helping raise funds - however small the amount, it goes a long way to help the animals.

10. Raising money for anti-rabies camps and holding them in your locality to ensure a healthy stray dog population also helps.

Come join us today in this endeavour and make it a success. For Futher Details Please contact :

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