Ecovolunteer is a type of travel agent which allows you to book an ecotourist vacation. There are few requirements for these trips other than a reasonable level of health, 18+ years of age, ability to speak English, and the money to pay for you trip. Some of them require vaccines. Prices range from about 130 Euros to over 500, though prices are subject to change.

Locations and SpeciesEdit


South Africa, African wildlife

Swaziland, rhinos

Zimbabwe, wild dogs

North AmericaEdit

Canada, minke whales

Florida, big cats,

Florida, wildlife

South AmericaEdit

Brazil, jaguars

Brazil, otters

Brazil, toucans

Brazil--Abrolhos Island or Praia do Forte, humpback whales

Brazil, wildlife

Colombia, tropical rainforest (plants and animals included)


Indonesia, orangutans

Mongolia, Przewalski horses

Thailand, elephants

Thailand, gibbons

Thailand, sea turtles

Thailand, primates

Thailand, wildlife


Bulgaria, rare breeds of horses, sheep, goats and dogs

Croatia, vultures

Italy, dolphins

Poland, beavers

Portugal, Iberian wolves

Russia, brown bears

Russia, wolves


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