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South Australia's national parks are a living showcase of natural treasures. With more than 300 parks and reserves to choose from you'll find a wealth of experiences and activities in our unique and ancient landscapes.

Whether you're seeking a remote and rugged coastline, an inspiring mountain range, or the breathtaking quiet of a night in the desert, take the time to discover or reconnect with nature.

Whether you're a visitor or a local, you'll love our wide open spaces.

Friends GroupsEdit

Since 1980, we have enjoyed a successful partnership with its many community supporters, including Friends of Parks, Consultative Committees, Campground Hosts, International Volunteers, and its Trade Unions.

The Volunteer Support Unit, based in Adelaide, was established to set up and coordinate Consultative Committees, and Friends of Parks. There are 7 Consultative Committees, 141 Friends Groups, 60 Campground Hosts, and International Volunteers helping the preservation of nature, built heritage, and culture within the reserves network.

The first Friends Group started at Fort Glanville where volunteers had already formed a Historical Association. The second group was instigated by the Nature Conservation Society at Ferguson Conservation Park (50Kb PDF) in the eastern foothills of Adelaide.

In 1983, the Friends of Old Government House Group in Belair National Park was established by National Parks and Wildlife. The first country group was formed at Butcher Gap Conservation Park (50Kb PDF) near Kingston, where there was no resident ranger, and the park was 60 km from any other staff. This experiment, in 1984 was most successful and opened the way for many more rural Friends Groups.

The Volunteer Support Unit, based in Adelaide, coordinates the network. Each individual group reports to and is supported by its Liaison Ranger. This ensures that the activities of Friends Groups are jointly planned in accordance with park management plans and policies, with consistent standards, designs, and sharing of expertise.

Each group is self-supporting, and its members pay an annual subscription to belong to that group. Fund raising augments this revenue, and in addition, the groups apply for grants from a number of sources. We provide Friends Grants for which groups apply on a project basis.

Since Friends of Parks became incorporated in 1993, a Board voluntarily oversees the constitutional, legal, and policy aspects. Regular liaison occurs with Trade Unions to ensure that an excellent relationship continues between the paid staff and volunteers.

For a copy of the Constitution, please visit the Friends of Parks Inc website.

The objectives of Friends Groups are:

  • to provide the opportunity for public participation in the management of national parks and wildlife reserves, heritage sites, and wildlife;
  • to raise funds for the administration and social activities of the Friends Group, and for special projects to benefit us;
  • to provide support in any other appropriate way, towards our benefit;
  • to publicise the parks and the objectives of us in South Australia. This will be done by liaison with Managers, and may include media, special displays and promotions, guided walks, hosting programmes, field excursions, education, and entertainment;
  • to provide cultural and social activities for the enjoyment of members, staff and the public, and to build up the public awareness of and enjoyment and support for this State's parks and wildlife.

Friends Groups are encouraged to liaise with and enjoy social interaction with other such groups throughout South Australia.


New Friends are WelcomeEdit

Please join us!

The Friends of Parks organisation is suitable to people of any age, gender, nationality, occupation and natural ability. There is something for everybody. No special qualifications are essential. Each Friends Group pays a small joining fee, and operates autonomously in contact with their Liaison Rangers.

Our Volunteer Support Unit coordinates the Friends scheme. National and international links are maintained through the Parks Volunteering Network Australia and the International Federation of National Parks and Wilderness Support Groups.

Through the Volunteer Support Unit, Friends have links to the same organisations throughout Australia, and in overseas countries. Make new friends. Help the parks. Restore our heritage. Enjoy a multitude of new interests. You are welcome.

Friends Groups cater for volunteers who enjoy an ongoing association with this type of community work.

For information on becoming a Friend of Parks see Contact Us or Get Involved.

Friends Groups ListingEdit

A list of Friends groups and volunteering opportunities can be found at Volunteer Opportunities.

Campground HostsEdit

This scheme brings volunteers into the national parks campgrounds in many beautiful parts of South Australia. The hosts set up in the camping area, welcome the visitors, assist them to settle in, choose a site, issue permits, provide information, and assist in many ways to make their visit special. The hosts report to and help the rangers, and are a popular addition in the role of 'service to the public'. Many friendships are made in this work.

How to become a Campground HostEdit

The Hosts provide their own caravan or tent that they set up in a park campground during a busy holiday period. The Hosts enhance the visits by campers, and offer a warm and friendly welcome.

As volunteers, the Hosts derive a great deal of pleasure by helping others to enjoy their holiday in the park scene and by helping the Rangers to carry out their important work. They meet many people and make new friendships with visitors and staff. Free sites are made available for use by the Campground Hosts who enjoy the pleasant surroundings at the following parks:

Naracoorte Caves
Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges
Lincoln Flinders Chase
Mount Remarkable - Mambray Creek
Flinders Ranges
Coffin Bay
Coongie Lakes
Bool Lagoon
Witjira - Dalhousie Springs
Moorook - Katarapko - Lyrup Flats
Little Dip
Deep Creek
Gawler Ranges

For information on becoming a Campground Host see Contact Us or Get Involved.

National Parks Consultative Committees

These voluntary groups of about 12 members are appointed by the Minister for Environment and Conservation, as a link between local communities, us and the Minister. Valuable consultation, and advice, goes to and from the public and the agency, and an involvement in policy making and management planning is important. There is a Consultative Committee in every part of the State. If you are interested in offering your services please Contact Us. We all need our national parks. Our parks need you. Please get in touch!

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