Austin Wildlife rescue rehabilitates a large variety of native wildlife. The following is copied from their website:

About the CenterEdit

Our center, which opened in April 2003, is located at 5401 East Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Austin, Texas, and is a 10 acre wooded tract of land, owned by the Travis Audubon Society. We utilize the facilities located on the property as an emergency care center for wildlife. People who find an injured or orphaned animal, bring it to the Wildlife Rescue Intake Center. The animal wil be admitted and undergo a physical examination to determine the problem. It is then treated and stabilized before being sent out to a licensed rehabilitator that specializes in that particular species. Usually the animal stays at the Intake Center only a few hours.

Our center is located inside the city limits of Austin, therefore we specialize in urban wildlife and urban wildlife issues. The ever-increasing sprawl of the city creates a diverse set of problems to deal with for Wildlife Rescue. We take in many types of birds, mammals, and reptiles. Songbirds and raptors represent a large portion of the animals for which we care. The squirrels and opossums have two baby seasons a year and we see raccoons and skunks coming in for treatment regularly. The fawns appear in late April and keep us busy through October. In 2009 our intake numbers surpassed 5,000 animals.

Volunteers At Wildlife Rescue Make A DifferenceEdit

Wildlife Rescue offers many areas for volunteer participation. Wildlife rehabilitation, volunteering at the Intake Center, fundraising, and education are only a few of the areas in which we need your help. We have many activities that are necessary for the running of our center that do not require animal-related skills. There are always cages to be built or repaired, flower beds to tend, and general maintenance of the Center to be done. Our volunteer coordinator will match you with the activity that best suits your skills.

You must be 18 years or older to apply to volunteer. We do not require experience, but we do look for people who can work well with others. It’s important to love animals, but people bring the animals to us and it is people that support our rehabilitation activities with their donations of money, supplies, and time. All volunteers are asked to attend our Intro Volunteer Class to get oriented to what our organization actually does. If animal handling is your goal, then more extensive training is required to reach a level of skill necessary to be licensed by the State of Texas. We will be happy to help you through this process in return for your help at Wildlife Rescue.

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