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Welcome to AMRRICEdit

AMRRIC is an independent group of Veterinarians, academics, health professionals and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We work to improve the health and wellbeing of companion animals and improve the overall health and wellbeing of remote Indigenous communities by:

AMRRIC formed as a response to immense need. With the view that human and dog health are inseparable in remote indigenous communities, AMRRIC works to improve community health by improving the life of the dogs.

Building on a solid baseEdit

AMRRIC is based on the highly effective work of a handful of pioneers in the field and maintains the trust and respect of key stakeholders that has been built up over many years. With recognition and funding from the Federal government and support from groups like the AVA (Australian Veterinary Association), the RSPCA and various Universities, AMRRIC has been able to build on this solid base and develop the work further.

Our VisionEdit

Rural and remote Indigenous communities that are healthy and safe for people and animals.


    • News
    • Build the capacity of Indigenous communities and local governments to sustainably manage animal health and welfare issues
    • Build awareness, capability and standards of the health care professionals and Indigenous community employees who are currently engaged in Indigenous animal health and welfare support and/or are interested in gaining more knowledge of the issues
    • Consolidate and strengthen AMRRIC through developing and strengthening governance, policies, appropriate systems, infrastructure, relationships and financial sustainability.

Volunteer storiesEdit

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Want to be part of a dynamic and vital organisation?Then join AMRRIC today!Edit

Achieving a strong membership base is vital for AMRRIC’s continued growth and development. We appreciate your past, and hopefully your future, involvement. In return for your support, we provide a number of benefits including:

    • Email newsletters
    • Being part of our ‘Member of the Month’ feature
    • Free Access to the Online Manual “Conducting Dog Health programs in Indigenous communities-A Veterinary Guide” by Dr Samantha Phelan
    • Updates on the Manual “Conducting Dog Health programs in Indigenous communities-A Veterinary Guide” by Dr Samantha Phelan
    • Opportunities to attend conferences and seminars
    • Future opportunities to become involved in AMRRIC programs
    • Detailed reports of Dog Health Programs.

Membership fees are - Individual ($50) Organisation ($100) Student ($20).

We look forward to you being a part of this rapidly growing organisation to help us to improve the health of dogs and families in Indigenous communities.

AMRRIC membership covers the financial year period: July 2009- to June 2010. Please download an APPLICATION FORM and read the MEMBERS CODE OF CONDUCT.

Membership applications can be posted to P.O. Box 1296, DARWIN, NT 0801 or scanned and emailed to or faxed to 08 89418813 »

Volunteering please contact usEdit


Ph: 08 8941 8813

Mobile: 0428485436




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