Animal Aid Abroad Inc. (AAA) aims to improve the living conditions and treatment of companion, working and farm animals around the world.

Our Purpose/activities areEdit

  • provide medical treatment and rescue of injured, suffering and distressed animals.
  • Spay and neuter cats and dogs including stray, street and owned animals. Begin a spay and neuter program for dogs and cats in Alexandria. The Animal Birth Control [ABC] program will include vaccinating animals against transmittable diseases such as rabies.
  • Provide a mobile clinic service for rescues and medical treatment of equines, camels and farm animals. The mobile clinic will also serve as a mobile educational facility to help and teach equine owners, farm animal owners and people who have pets how to care and treat there animals humanely.
  • Provide on-going awareness campaigns and workshops for pet owners and people who have animals .
  • Promote re-homing and adoptions of rescued cats and dogs- locally and internationally.
  • Provide disaster relief in areas around Alexandria and in Egypt generally in case of a natural disaster where animals are involved.
  • Promote and campaign against the exploitation and hunting of native wildlife by working with government groups, other animal wildlife groups and the public

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